He who dies with the most toys wins!

I pretty much have unlimited access to my local trap range. But, our trap is a manual pull switch and it seems I can never find another shooter to go along or someone to pull targets for me. You can pull your own targets and shoot 'em for fun, but that's no good if you want to really get in some good practice. So, today I solved the problem. I ordered a Clay Delay Autopuller wireless voice release. It should be here in about 5 days and I'll be able to shoot by myself, whenever I want.
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In case you missed it ....

At the Grand American World Trapshooting Championships this year, Leo Harrison III and Foster Barthalow were declared co-champions of the Clay Target Championship (16 yard singles) after breaking 200 straight targets in the program plus 900 straight in shoot-off, for a total of 1,100 straight targets without a miss!

I'm not sure this is accurate, but I was told at a shoot this past week-end that Leo, who has been one of the best for decades, had been in the Clay Target Championship 17 times previously and never won it 'til now. It's surprising that there could be ANY major title that Leo hasn't won.
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Back from the Grand American....

Well, the 2008 Grand American World Trapshooting Championships are done. I was only able to get there to shoot the last 3 days, but had a great trip. Shot mediocre scores up until the last event, the Parliament Coach Handicap. I managed to put up a 96/100 after struggling on the 2nd trap, which got me into the yardage group trophy shoot-offs. I wound up with the 4th place trophy in the 23-24 yd group. I've come close before, but this is my first trophy win at the Grand - very cool!!

And oh yeah, the BIG event - the Grand American Handicap, was won by some guy named Patrick Lamont from Brandon, Manitoba (a Canadian won the GAH?!) who posted the only 100/100 and did it from the 27 yd line - EH?!

Lamont also was High All-Around Champ with 399/400 in the 3 championship evetnts (200/200 singles, 100/100 GAH, 99/100 doubles) Not too shabby!!!

More than 2,100 SCTP kids shoot at Sparta

More than 2,100 kids from 35 states, ranging from 6th grade to 12th grade, competed in the SCTP National Championships held at the World Shooting & Recreational Center in Sparta, IL.

The largest number of SCTP shooters was 1,600 in the trap competition on Aug 4 - 5. Story is here: http://www.nssf.org/news/PR_idx.cfm?PRloc=share/PR/&PR=080608_SCTP.cfm

The Sporting Clays and Skeet competitions were held Aug 1 - 2. Story is here: http://www.nssf.org/news/PR_idx.cfm?PRloc=share/PR/&PR=080408_SCTP.cfm

It's that time again!!

The Grand American trapshooting championships Aug 6 - 16. Program - http://shootata.com/pdfs/2008_grand_program.pdf My camp site is reserved and the motorhome is going in for it's annual service. But, my son and I each have to shoot 400 handicap targets on Sat to get our target minimums to avoid penalty yardage at the Grand. This year has just been all fouled up schedule-wise and we've hardly shot at all. Plus, we've got craziness at work that is going to make it very difficult to get away, and then just for a couple of days. I thought this was going to be my year to put up some big scores, but it looks like I'll have to be happy to just make it there.

Who says you can't buy targets??

A couple of months ago I spent a boatload of $$$$ on a new Guerini trap combo and some of my shooting buddies have been giving me a hard time about trying to "buy" better scores. Well, it seems to be paying off. I'm getting the gun all adjusted to suit me and have been focusing on doubles, where I've been really struggling and inconsistent. In 4 trap doubles events over the week-end I broke 96 - 93 - 91 - 95. I even won a few $$ - not too shabby. Now to get the handicap and singles setups sorted out.